Origin : From Nigeria


Origin : From Northern / Western Parts of Nigeria

gani2_products5Origin : From Western / Eastern Parts of Nigeria


Origin : From Northern Parts of Nigeria


Origin : From Northern / Western Parts of Nigeria

gani2_products9Origin : From Northern / Western Parts of Nigeria

gani2_products3Origin : From Western / Eastern Parts of Nigeria

  1. Palm Kernel Seed
  2. Palm Kernel cake
  3. Palm Kernel Oil


Origin : From Northern Parts of Nigeria


Origin : From Nigeria


Origin : From Nigeria

We can supply the quantity you require at your specification. All our products originate from Nigeria.


Products / service conform to predetermined specification and standard to meet customer requirements and exceeding their expectation as agreed between both parties. The quality of Our Crude Palm oil is determined by the percentage of Free Fatty Acid, the percentage of dirt, the percentage of Moisture and the Dobi Index (Bleachibility index). We will work on what specification both parties have agreed on Customers will give specification required

Choice of Delivery

  • FOB (Free On Board shipping point or origin) means that the buyer is at risk while the goods are shipped.
  • FOB (Free On Board destination) means that the seller retains the risk of loss until the goods reach the buyer.
  • CIF (Cost insurance and freight) is a trade term requiring the seller to arrange for the carriage of goods by sea to a port of destination, and provide the buyer with the documents necessary to obtain the goods from the carrier.
  • C & F (Cost and Freight) means that the seller must pay the costs and freight in order to transport the goods to the port of destination in question
  • EXW (Ex WORKS) means buyer will pay all freight charges from the seller door to the door at destination. The seller needs to ensure the freight is ready for shipping and provide all the correct documents i.e. commercial invoice and packing declaration. The buyer will have full control of the freight.

Terms of Payment

Bank Transfer preferable

NB The Terms of payments to be agreed by both parties prior to proceeding.

Gani2 Global Services Ltd (Gani2 Terms) defines exactly the shipping responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller. This table illustrates the cost responsibilities for each party